October 26, 2021

Apollo Hospitals, ISCCM and Medvarsity collaborate to train over 100,000 doctors on Ventilator Management

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In response to the increasing number of COVID-19 patients requiring critical care and ventilation support, Apollo Hospitals, Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM) and Medvarsity today announced a joint collaboration to train over 100,000 doctors on Ventilator Management. The training will empower doctors and healthcare professionals to handle, manage and operate the ventilator along with an understanding of techniques to optimize mechanical ventilation and minimize complications in invasive ventilation (intubation) and management of COVID-19 patients. The training will be delivered through a series of online webinars with live sessions. The webinars will be organized on Medvarsity s platform and will be free of charge and open to all healthcare professionals in India.    Dr. Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Group and President FICCI said, “As India gears up to battle COVID-19, it is imperative that our healthcare workers are better prepared and equipped to meet this challenge. As the government and hospitals come together to strengthen the response through procurement of life-saving ventilators and other medical equipment, it is critical that all our doctors are skilled on the use and management of ventilators. Through this partnership, we aim to train over a lakh doctors over the next 30 days. This will ensure that the doctors are ready and can face the challenge of managing a critical COVID-19 patient on a ventilator with knowledge and confidence.”   As India prepares to manage and treat patients in respiratory distress from COVID-19, doctors and healthcare professionals managing ventilators are as critical as the machines. Poor ventilator management can result in damage to the lung tissue that may not be immediately apparent. The Ventilator Management training will train doctors on the correct ventilation strategies that will protect the lung tissue while allowing adequate oxygenation of the blood. This will help in promoting successful recovery from the acute respiratory distress syndrome that is a common complication in many patients with COVID-19.     Dr. Dhruva Chaudhry, President, Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine said, “SCCM has joined hands with Medvarsity on an ambitious project of training 1 lakh people in mechanical ventilation, keeping in sight the epidemic of COVID19. It’s the most disruptive phenomenon in the world, which people are witnessing. It has redefined the priorities across board & social sector including health & education will never be the same. One of the biggest transformations I envisage in Medicine is-training in virtual world & expansion in deep machine learning. Challenge will be how well we adapt. Therefore this association between two forward-looking organisations should not only be of mutual benefit but will make impact only if these benefits are reflected on the ground for the good of both medical professionals & public in large”.   Mr. Gerald Jaideep, CEO, Medvarsity Online Ltd. spoke on the partnership, “Medvarsity’s vision has always been to impact healthcare through education. We are very fortunate that Apollo Hospitals and the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine have partnered with us to reach out and train a potential 1 lac doctors on Ventilator Management. We hope that this initiative is able to improve the clinical outcomes of patients across the country when they need it the most.”   The webinars began on 20 April 2020 and currently being streamed on Dosily. There are no charges and medical personnel can register free of charge at www.dosily.com/ventilator-training   About Apollo Hospitals Group Apollo Hospitals was established in 1983 by Dr. Prathap C Reddy, renowned as the architect of modern healthcare in India. As the nation’s first corporate hospital, Apollo Hospitals is acclaimed for pioneering the private healthcare revolution in the country. Apollo Hospitals has emerged as Asia’s foremost integrated healthcare services provider and has a robust presence across the healthcare ecosystem, including Hospitals, Pharmacies, Primary Care & Diagnostic Clinics and several retail health models. Since its inception, Apollo Hospitals has been honoured by the trust of over 150 million individuals who came from 140 countries. At the core of Apollo’s patient-centric culture is TLC (Tender Loving Care), the magic that inspires hope amongst its patients.   About Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM) Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine was established on 9th October, 1993, in Mumbai, India. It is the largest non-profit association of Indian Physicians, Nurses, Physiotherapists and other allied health care professionals involved in the care of the critically ill. ISCCM, which was started with a small group of consultants, from Mumbai, is now having membership of 12046, comprising of 87 city branches all across India with headquarters at Mumbai.   About Medvarsity Online Ltd. Medvarsity Online is Asia’s largest healthcare Ed-Tech company, with over 45,000 medical professionals trained and certified. Our partnerships with leading universities globally enable us to present the best courses and faculty to our students and help them meet their learning goals. With over 10000 active learners on our platform and course accreditation by leading global partners, Medvarsity is a leader in the medical certification training in the region. It is the leading online medical certification and training company with presence across 10 locations in India and students across India, Middle East, Africa, and South-East Asia. Our blended training solutions combine the best of traditional e-learning, live virtual classes, clinical bedside learning and mobile learning models to deliver impactful courses to our students. Medvarsity has been rewarded with ‘excellence in training and development’ in online. education in the year 2018. For further details, log onto www.medvarsity.com Follow us on https://www.facebook.com/medvarsity/  | https://www.linkedin.com/school/medvarsity-online-ltd-/ | https://twitter.com/Medvarsity.

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