October 27, 2021

ITC Savlon launches its advanced Savlon Hexa Hand Sanitiser

Staff Reporter –

ITC Savlon announces the launch of Savlon Hexa Hand Sanitizing liquid. This formulation offers both Quick & Persistent Action. Savlon Hexa helps protect against many enveloped & non-enveloped viruses in addition to 99.99% bacteria & fungi. It will help consumers & frontline medical professionals alike. Savlon Hexa Hand Sanitiser liquid is available in a 500 ml pump pack priced at Rs.250 as well as a 500ml Refill Pack priced at Rs.240. It is in the process of being launched across the country. The increasing spread of Covid-19 has made hand hygiene more critical than ever. The demand for hand sanitizers and hand washes has increased exponentially amongst consumers and health care professionals. ITC’s credo has been ‘Nation First’ and in line with this credo, ITC Savlon has taken multiple steps including repurposing a state-of-art perfume plant to ramp up sanitizer production. One key step has been to accelerate innovations that can offer significant anti-viral & anti-bacterial protection. Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business Division, ITC Limited, said, “The importance of hand hygiene in this unprecedented outbreak can by no means be over-emphasized. We take pride in introducing Savlon Hexa – a product that ensures effective hand sanitization through quick and persistent action. Our advanced hand sanitizer is one of our quickest launches, brought to fruition in a record time. Savlon Hexa has been designed to address the critical and urgent need for trustworthy, effective preventive hygiene needs of the nation during these challenging times of COVID-19.”

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