August 17, 2022

Aditya Academy Collaborates with Nalanda Learning System to Provide Seamless Education to Pre-schoolers

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With the temporary closure of schools due to the ongoing pandemic, there is surging need for digital learning and creative initiatives to help the children continue learning at home. Keeping this in mind, Aditya Academy Junior is now collaborating with Nalanda Learning System to launch the Nalanda Learning System’s Preschool 2.0. The event took place on 27th September at Press Club and was graced by the presence of Anirban Aditya (Chairman of Aditya Group), Roshni Aditya (Managing Director of Aditya Group), Savita Saha (Director- Aditya Academy Group of Schools), Sonali Sarkar (Principal- Aditya Academy Sr. Secondary School, Dum Dum), James Ringrow (Principal- Aditya Academy, Barasat), & Tamal Mukherjee (Founder & Director, Nalanda Learning).

 This latest technology together with innovation & digital content will drive preschool education across West Bengal. This collaborative project will enable rendering of an end-to-end e-learning curriculum for pre-schoolers of age group 3-6years seamlessly, through virtual platform. This program will enable kids to learn at an advanced pace through early childhood learning & eliminate worries of the parents regarding admissions in high school.

Aditya Academy has garnered trust and respect from parents for ages. From its complete pre-school education package, adaptive learning atmosphere, virtual guidance sessions to game-based learning as per NEP 2020, Aditya Academy has proved its excellence time and again. It believes in sowing the seeds of learning anywhere and at any time. The new virtual preschool program will be effective from session 2022-2023. Every student can avail the virtual classes through their unique log in credentials, provided by the school along with the mentor. They will be provided with the opportunity to access learning resources like animated videos, semi-animated videos, interactive games, worksheets, & recorded classes. Parents will also be able to log in to the ‘Parent’s Section’ using their personal credentials and access or view their wards’ progress & development. They can easily learn about the attendance of their child, progress of the student academically & also in other development areas, keep a check on the worksheets & homework given by mentors, student’s schedule for the day/week. The parents can also connect with the respective teachers & the admin office, in case they feel the need to.

Speaking on this occasion, Anirban Aditya, Chairman of Aditya Academy Group of Schools said, “We want to impart the importance of digital learning through a hybrid and holistic approach. Hence, we have collaborated with Nalanda Learning, & have come up with the initiative to spread the value of education in a more enjoyable way. This has also given birth to the concept of Amar Para Amar School, making sure that the education of children is not hampered anymore.  We want to make sure that every child in the city has the ability to carry on with his/her education via e-learning procedure.”

Tamal Mukherjee, Founder & Director of Nalanda Learning added, “The entire pre-school sector across India has been disrupted due to COVID19 and the early learners are badly affected due to shutdown of schools. The initiative taken by Aditya Academy Group of Schools in order to reach out to thousands of young learners is really commendable. Nalanda Learning through their comprehensive integrated digital platform will enable teachers & parents to take forward the learning process of kids. Proud to be associated with Mr. Anirban Aditya, Chairman of Aditya Academy.”

Mrs Savita Saha, Director of Aditya Academy Group of Schools further added, “This digital learning will not only enhance the academic process, but also will make it more interesting by engaging children in fun activities. I believe that only academics can never shape up a child’s future. Children should learn to balance studies with other activities. Through this initiative, study materials will be made available to students and their parents 24×7. They can access those as per their convenience.”

Aditya Academy has always laid emphasis on quality education through effective teacher & student ratio. Through this platform, the well trained & dedicated teachers can conduct live interactive classes, & create customized worksheets depending on the aptitude of the students. The one is to one interaction with the students & parent mentor classes will enable them to get a better grip on the areas, where each student needs more brush up. The online classes have been designed for pre nursery, nursery & kindergarten kids to provide overall development, prepare them for the higher classes, & keep them entertained throughout the online classes.

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