September 30, 2022

Azadgarh Himachal Sangha Sarbojanin Durgapuja

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In today’s times when cut throat competition, self branding n themes are the order of most community pujas in Kolkata and also in various other sarbojanin pujas in and around West Bengal, there are few truly exceptional ones who always make it a point to stick to the roots and tradition and are never ever greedy enough to run behind prizes and too much footfall….These are real sarbojanin pujas who have managed to maintain intact the same flavour of para culture n nostalgic homely traditional barowari puja ambience the kind of pujas we have all grown up taking part in during our childhood….Definitely goes without saying without any second thought Azadgarh Himachal Sangha Sarbojanin Durgapuja tops the list of the exceptionally simple homely community pujas with a difference…..The Puja is celebrated here in the most simple, non extraganzive way with utmost devotion n perfection…..The stunning idol of The Goddess in all her glory, bliss and divinity here is the greatest beauty of this particular barowari puja….Solar Saaj which is becoming obsolete gradually could be still found in the idol fully adorned with in the Himachal Sangha puja in some years…..The entire area participates with huge vigour in having a lovely bhoj on Nabami noon each n every year…..After immersion of the idol on Bijoya Dasami, Bijoya Sammilani programme which takes place two days after is another biggest USP s of this puja….Unlike other Bijoya Sammilani programmes this one involves participation n promotion of fresh rising talents from the field of music, dance, recitation from the locality itself of different age groups apart from one or two guest performers of the evening….Extremely proud and blessed to be deeply involved, attached n associated with this particular puja committee year after year…..My connection n emotion with the puja committee is sooo deeply strong that I usually don’t take up shows outside Kolkata during Puja days and prefer spending quality time in this particular puja spot

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