May 22, 2022

Celebration of Father’s Day by “ANUBHAV – FIGHT FOR JUSTICE”

Staff Reporter –

ANUBHAV –  FIGHT FOR JUSTICE” is a pro-family NGO that focuses on issues related to human rights & unquestionable right of children to remain connected by both biological parents. ‘Anubhav’ is celebrating the International Father’s Day (that falls on 16th June) by organising various types of social events:- On 15th June- Distribution of of education items,  utensils, food & sweets to the poor Orphanage Children of St. Elizabeth School, Thakurpukur, Kolkata  On 16th June-  Organise a Eye Testing Camp & Free Distribution of Glasses for the poor people of Mathertala Slum, Golf Gardens, Tollygunge, Kolkata . On 16th June-  Blood Donation Camp in association with Behala Abhyudoy  Club.  ‘Anubhav’s initiative is executed with great zeal by all the members of the NGO, especially Sumit Kanji(General Secretary), Raja Palit (President), Soma Barui (Vice- President), Ruma Sarkar (Joint Secretary), Tarit Sarkar (Senior Member) and others. Awareness Build-up about Shared Parenting by “ANUBHAV – FIGHT FOR JUSTICE”

International Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June each year to honour the contributions of fathers, grandfathers, step fathers and all men who enact as father figure. This year International Father’s Day is on June 16th, 2019. In India, custody rights are often rewarded to the mother in lieu of any law calling for joint custody rights. The visitation rights of the fathers are often violated and the child in dispute ends up as a tool to settle scores with. Almost in no cases, the mother is penalised for such conduct. As a result, the father becomes only a provider, not a nurturer. A number of studies regarding the role of father in a child’s life reveal that to lead a mentally and physically healthy life, a child must have both of the parents in his/her life, But the sad reality is far from it.

  “ANUBHAV –  FIGHT FOR JUSTICE”, a renowned social organization who fought for the protection of Men’s right since long, has decided to put forth the following demands:-

1.  Custody should be based on taking in account the financial, mental and physical conditions of the parents, regardless of the age, sex and religion of the child. Any biased presumption should be discarded. The parent not having custody of the child should not be moved aside. Instead a joint parenting plan should be outlined at the time of awarding custody based on agreement of the parents and both parents should adhere to it strictly. If any parent fails to do so, he/she should be penalized.  ‘ANUBHAV’ support shared parenting.

2. The disparity between Guardianship & Wards Act and Hindu Maintenance & Guardianship Act regarding the position of the father while considering custody rights should be resolved.

3. If both the parents are working, child support must be shared by both of them instead of the father alone. The financial status of both the parents and their involvement in sharing the cost of upbringing the child must be taken into account for this purpose so that a loving father does not lose the right to be in his child’s life just because he is not financially sound.

    ‘Anubhav’ members like Sumit Kanji (General Secretary), Raja Palit (President), Soma Barui (Vice- President), Ruma Sarkar (Joint Secretary), Tarit Sarkar (Senior Member) and others are working very hard to spread awareness through various programs.

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