May 17, 2022

Coming soon Beautiful Life

Saptarshi singha –

Barnali (rituparna) is a senior painter and teacher. She is a very open-minded and modern person. Barnali loves her artist friend Rahul(tota) very much. Rahul is married but his wife Jhumki is a cerebal adrophy patient. On her 16th birthday, Jhumki got raped by her boyfriend Kumar and since then Jhumki is having this serious illness. Almost 90 percent of her body has got paralysed. Rahul knew about Jhumki’s illness and married her on humanitarian reasons. Another reason is that Kumar was also Rahul’s friend and to make ammense for the anger, egotism on Kumar. Since last 7 or 8 years, Rahul on his own is taking total care of Jhumki.
Barnali has seen this and that’s why she loves Rahul so much. Barnali decides to marry Rahul when Doctor Chatterjee declared that Jhumki can’t receive

treatment anymore and in a short span of time, her brain will get damaged. But Rahul does not accept Barnali’s proposal. Rahul asks Jhumki if his mother or sister fell ill, then would he have left them. Barnali tells Rahul, why would he divorce Jhumki, rather they jointly will look after her.
R D Nath directed new film beautiful Life is coming in very shortly.

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