August 14, 2022

Director Sankha.s next Crime Thriller 36 Hour

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36hours is an upcoming crime-thriller drama is being directed by Sankha and Produced under the banner of Arin Media & Entertainment. Aryann Bhowmik, Biplab Kumar Sinha, Anindya Banerjee and Sukanya Chatterjee shared the screen together.
A 25-year-old private high-ranking employee. Self-arrogant sharp-witted. When he came to Kolkata to meet his family, Anish was suddenly kidnapped from the airport. When he regains consciousness, the only thing he can wear is the clothes he is wearing. Anish can’t understand what happened to him while standing on a sidewalk . Anish’s phone rang just at that time. This phone is new to Anish. After a long argument with the kidnapper, Anish collects a bag from a dhaba at the

behest of the kidnapper. There are several time bombs in the bag. Kidnappers are instructed to be installed in certain places in Kolkata. At the same time, Kidnapper says that from now on, Anish himself will play the role of a terrorist. And Anish himself will call the Special Intelligence Bureau in exchange for the threat of a bomb blast and release Aziz, a notorious terrorist, from police custody. When Amish became helpless and started acting like a kidnapper, Mr. Khan, a poorer officer of the Special Intelligence Bureau, washed his hands behind Anish’s back. The cat and mouse race begins. Bureau officers can’t track Anish by tracking his location in any way. Meanwhile, word of Aziz’s release reached the ears of the Chief Minister. After a while, Anish realizes that either he will be shot by the police or the kidnapper will kill him. Anish will catch Mr. Khan and tell him about the real kidnapper. Will he able to save the city?? Witted climax will hook up the audience till last shot.

Director Sankha has started his career with a Documentary project of UNiCEF. Followed by he directed sevaral Short Films like The Drop , Reminiscence , which are selected and shown in many prestigious film festivals in sevaral country as well as in India. He received ‘ WEST BENGAL FILM JOURNALIST AWARDS ‘ for the film ‘ 24 × 7 ‘ as a best Short Documentary film in 2017. He directs sevaral corporate videos and telefilm for television. Also from past 7 years he worked for televison as a Creative Director and Executive Producer.

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