August 11, 2022

How to take care of your mental health while undergoing IVF, By Dr. Suparna Bhattacharya, Fertility Consultant at Nova IVF Fertility East, Uttam Kumar Sarani Kolkata

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Nowadays, infertility is becoming more common because of certain lifestyle decisions. There are two types of infertility; primary and secondary infertility. Primary infertility refers to the inability to have any children at all, and secondary infertility is when a woman fails to conceive or carry a baby to birth after already having one or more children. Fortunately, with the advancement in the healthcare sector, there are various fertility treatments for a couple to help them conceive. However, these fertility treatments can cause stress and anxiety for some people, taking a toll on their mental health and well-being. It becomes overwhelming for both men and women to balance their work, relationships while undergoing fertility treatments

Some tips to take care of your mental health during IVF treatments are;

  • Communicate with your loved ones

It is important for one to share their feelings with partners, friends, family, or other loved ones during challenging times. Stress and anxiety can harm your relationship with others, especially your spouse, without open and transparent communication. You will feel much less burdened by your emotions. IVF treatment is difficult, and both men and women are emotionally affected by fertility problems. Therefore, sharing your concerns and feelings will only bring you closer to each other. It is also important to carefully choose who you will share your story with. You need people to support you on this IVF journey and not someone who will question and criticise you. Having negative energy around you during your IVF treatment can make the process difficult.

  • Be calm and think positive

IVF treatment brings all kinds of stress into one’s life. From physical and mental stress to even financial. One must try to remain calm during this time. One can practice mindfulness techniques or try yoga to relax their mind, body, and soul. Even activities like reading or listening to music will help one stay calm and positive. It is no surprise that stress will become a part of your life once you decide to undergo IVF treatment, so you should accept the unavoidable stress and not shy away from seeking support from others. While there are risks with IVF, it is important to remain positive and calm throughout your fertility journey for a successful outcome.

  • Take time out for some self-care

Self-care is one of the best remedies for mental health problems. Taking out time for yourself and prioritising your needs makes one feel empowered. IVF treatments often extend for a long time, and the majority of the people feel that they focused way too much on things that did not matter. They regret not making memories and living in the present. It is essential to do things that make you feel good about yourself and put you in the right frame of mind to fight any hurdles that may come your way. Keep pampering yourself, meditate, exercise, go out on a walk to feel refreshed, and most importantly, do not ignore your feelings of confusion, frustration, and sadness.

  •  Don’t pause your life for IVF

Most couples make the mistake of letting IVF take over their life. This becomes extremely unhealthy and toxic as the couples leave everything, including their work, hobbies, social life, and focus only on the outcome of their treatment. They get so invested in the treatment that if they are faced with an unexpected negative outcome, they are completely shattered and find it impossible to recover from the pain. If the couples continue living their lives as usual, they are more likely to remain calm in the process.

  • Seek professional help

While most of the clinics offer mental health counselling, couples fail to take advantage of that and do not take it seriously. Couples undergoing IVF treatment should seek professional help if they feel emotionally burdened by the process.

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