June 29, 2022

India’s first Multi Venue, Mega-Science Exhibition ‘Vigyan Samagam’ to begin on November 04th in Kolkata

Staff Reporter – Kolkata

India’s first-ever multi-venue Mega science exhibition, ‘Vigyan Samagam’ will be launched in Kolkata from November 04 2019 at the iconic Science City. The exhibition will be open for public display and will showcase the world from micro to macro, unveiling the efforts of the international community in understanding the Universe. The exhibition will be inaugurated by Dr Harsh Vardhan, Hon’be Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Minister of Science & Technology and Minister of Earth Science, Government of India. The Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Department of Science and Technology (DST) and National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), Ministry of Culture, Government of India, are the joint organisers of ‘Vigyan Samagam’. Shri Arun Srivastava, Secretary AEC and Head, Institutional Collaboration & Program Division (ICPD), DAE, Shri Shrikant Pathak, Director, CRTL, NCSM, and Shri Subhabrata Chaudhuri, Director, Science City, Kolkata jointly announced the programme at a Press Conference in Kolkata today and explained the objectives of, and various activities related to, ‘Vigyan Samagam’. ‘Vigyan Samgam’ will showcase India’s participation in the world’s major Mega Science projects, in which several developed and developing countries are participating collectively. The exhibition will take you through the workings of the Universe. From discovery of the Higgs particle to that of gravitational waves to merger of neutron stars and black holes, these projects throw light on crucial questions related to the origin of the Universe and its evolution through its various stages. The Mega Science Projects in which India is participating are the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), ‘Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research’ (FAIR), ‘India-based Neutrino Observatory’ (INO), ‘International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor’ (ITER), ‘Laser Interferometer Gravitational – Wave Observatory’ (LIGO), ‘Major Atmospheric Cherenkov Experiments’ (MACE), ‘Square Kilometre Array’ (SKA) and ‘Thirty Meter Telescope’ (TMT) . All these projects will be showcased during the Exhibition at a single place. Explaining the motive and journey of Vigyan Samagam, Shri Arun Srivastava said, “This Mega Science exhibition will be a treat to the people of Kolkata who follow science as enthusiasts as well as students. We have received very encouraging responses in Mumbai and Bengaluru and we are hoping that visitors, both from industry and academia, should take maximum advantage of this two-month long exhibition at Kolkata and take as much information about the Mega-Science projects. We want to attract as many

budding scientists also to bolster scientific innovations and discoveries in the country.” Commenting on the exhibition Shri Shrikant Pathak said, “We have received tremendous response in our two units in Mumbai and Bengaluru, where the Vigyan Samagam was held. Science City is one of the most iconic centres for us and we are hoping the exhibition will be a huge success here too. The exhibition is one of a kind and we are glad to organise it for the people of Kolkata to witness and gain as much from the global projects that will be on the display.” Explaining about the format of the Exhibition, Shri Subhabrata Chaudhuri said, “At Science City this November-December, ‘Vigyan Samagam’ will be one of the major attractions. We have arranged for live talks by eminent speakers, unique visual interactive kiosks, etc. which will provide an opportunity for students and science enthusiasts to gather more information about the projects and other areas of scientific development in the country.” The biggest attraction for the visitors would be to witness how India contributed in global Mega – Science projects where several developed and developing countries have participated collectively. ‘Vigyan Samagam’ will aim at traversing the visitors through the world from micro to macro, unveiling the efforts of the international community in understanding the Universe. It will offer a great opportunity for students and families to understand the workings of the Universe – from discovery of the Higgs particle to that of gravitational waves from merger of neutron stars and black holes and to the origin of the Universe and its evolution through various stages. The inaugural event will be followed by a one-day scientific event comprising invited talks and lectures by eminent speakers from the field of science, technology and industry. Coinciding with the scientific discussions during the first two days at each venue, industry partners working with the participating Mega Science Project Groups will set-up expo at the venue to showcase their contributions. In its multi-venue journey, after Kolkata, ‘Vigyan Samagam’ will travel to New Delhi for its final leg, where it will be on display at the National Science Centre from 21st January, 2020 and will close on 20th March, 2020.

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