August 14, 2022

ITC’s Aashirvaad Svasti pledges its vitamin A fortified milk for Kolkata children during the lockdown

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Aashirvaad Svasti, the fresh dairy portfolio from ITC Ltd. has committed to supply its vitamin-fortified milk to underprivileged children in Kolkata. Aashirvaad Svasti will distribute its milk through the network of three NGOs – Save the Children, Hope Kolkata Foundation and SOS Children’s Village India that have a wide reach among orphanages and poor households in Kolkata. The Vitamin A fortified Aashirvaad Svasti Milk will be supplied until the declared lockdown period. ITC Foods had started vitamin fortification of its milk in December 2019. Vitamin fortification in milk is one of the effective ways to address related deficiencies, especially in children while enabling them to receive their daily vitamin requirement. Vitamin A is a very essential micronutrient and is known for supporting immune system among children. Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Sanjay Singal, Chief Operating Officer –Dairy & Beverages, ITC Ltd, said, “Milk is known to be one of the best forms of providing nutritionto children. There are many who do not have adequate access to food sources rich in vitamins and other micro nutrients that help address their daily nutritional requirements, including maintaining immunity. A stronger immune system can help children fight external vulnerabilities. We hope to make a meaningful contribution in supporting their nutritional requirements during these trying times by providing uninterrupted access to Aashirvaad Svasti’s Vitamin-A fortified milk to the children in need.” Commenting on the initiative, Save the Children’s Director – Programmes & Policy, Anindit Roy Chowdhury, said, “Milk is a daily essential in a child’s diet and helps them to protect themselves against illnesses. This gesture is extremely appreciated by all of us. We are thankful for the meaningful

contribution that Aashirvaad Svasti/ ITC Foods has proposed for the children of Kolkata.” Speaking about the program, the director of Hope Kolkata Foundation, Ms. Geeta Venkadakrishnana said, “The lockdown has slowed down the process of receiving essentials making it a challenge to provide nutritious food to children. Aashirvaad Svasti has addressed this gap by providing milk. This initiative will definitely help all children by supporting their health and nutrition. Commenting on the association, SOS Children’s Village of India spokesperson and Secretary-General, Mr. Sudarshan Suchi, said, “Children need milk on a daily basis for strengthening their overall immunity. We are glad that Aashirvaad Svasti/ ITC Foods has/have come forward to help children in these difficult times when maintaining a healthy immune system is critical.

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