October 6, 2022

Juggling with serving food to the needy, kolkata Response group & IHA Foundation Help the Administration in Restoring the City Affected by Cyclone Amphan


As you are were that for the post two months due to the Lockdown caused by the covid 2019 panda mic. Gurudwara Behala, IHA Foundation and kolkata Response Group Partnered together under the guidance of satnam Singh Ahluwala have been serving cooked food (Langar) to over 7200 people daily day and night . Till now they have been looking After serving cooked food (Langar) distribution of ration to the daily wage workars ,and migrant workars, serving food to the people kept in temporary KMC shelters, Evacuation shelters, and inthe streets of kolkata suburbs and different villages.
However another responsibility was added to this list on Wednesday late night when Cyclone Amphan hit kolkata Rescuing and assisting people, providing food and essential , Chopping and cutting down trees to give Road clearance for

traffic providing tarpaulins and other essential services etc. There is no magic ward it is on un forseen disaster, kolkata police, KMC, CESC, and NDRF are working together to restore the city bock on it’s feet. We will have to give them time , as the extent damage is not easy to clear , more then 15000 trees have been up rooted , Electric poles, have follen , wires, are dangling here an there , insteed of complaning and protesting we as citizens should come forward and help them in whatever way we can , we all need to have patience and be lief inthe system said satnam Singh Ahluwala chairman ,IHA Foundation and CMD kolkata Response group. At the moment it’s a sisyphon task for every one helping out to restore the city , The cyclone has only compounded all our woes many times.

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