October 6, 2022

Labour Ministry recognizes “Bhartiya Railway Mall Godam Shramik Union Workers”

Staff Reporter –

After years of diligent efforts and struggle of the Indian Railway Mall Godam Workers’ Union, the Ministry of Labour, Government of India, have considered the demands raised by the Union and ordered to register the Mall Godam workers on the e-shram portal, after which railways mall godam workers across India got the recognition. In view of this occasion, the Indian Railway Mall Godam Workers Union held small meetings with railway mall godam workers and their families at various places across India from 26 January to 28 January considering the Corona guidelines, to solve the small problems that are confronted by them.

Some demands have been prominently marked, which are as follows: –

  1. All the Railway Good shed workers need to provide a fixed contract for “Wages”
  2. Need to arrange “Wage Receipt” for preventing corruption
  3. As per “Digital India” wages should be transferred directly to workers’ account.
  4. As per “Ayushman Bharat” all workers of Railway good Shed should have proper basic amenities like drinking water, proper restroom, canteen at railway shed, free medication for workers and their families, accidental insurance, rail pass, Pension benefits and job replacement for their family member in case of any mishappening, free child education, accommodation, proper dress code and to issue proper Identity card.

Parimal Kanti Mondal, National President, Bhartiya Railway Mall Godam Shramik Union said, “An identity is the most important thing in a human’s life. The Ministry of Labour, Government of India has led our Mall Godam workers to a new direction in life by giving them the identity. Today, the workers of Railway Mall Godown Shramik Union are seeing a new ray of hope because of the efforts made by us. I thank the Ministry of Labour, Government of India and all the people working in our union. Though all our demands are yet to be met, some are being considered by the Ministry, for which we are working with more enthusiasm. We sent a letter of thanks on behalf of our union to the Ministry of Labour, in response to which “Shri D.P.S. Negi ji”, the Chief Labour Commissioner encouraged the work of our union and guided us by giving us his best wishes, so that we continue our efforts in the same way for the benefit of the Mall Godam workers and their families with more energy.”

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