August 13, 2022

LIONS MAGNATES’ join ‘International Tree Plantation 2020’ by WAO

Staff Reporter –

International Tree Plantation 2020′ is a mega global event wherein people from almost all countries are participating voluntarily to plant trees and become friends through their shared bonding of unconditional love, care and trust – the three traits that characterize a tree and its invaluable contributions for the society.  Initiated and executed by WAO (WE ARE ONE), this wonderful event has got a staggering response with thousands across the globe joining this platform to show their solidarity and support.     “WAO (WE ARE ONE) is an International Organization who has sown the seed of a new fellowship with genesis. It is our immense pride and pleasure that WAO has aligned ‘HELLO KOLKATA’ (3D News, Events and Films) as ‘Media Partner’ and ‘LIONS CLUB OF KOLKATA MAGNATES’ as the ‘Social Welfare Partner’ of this mega Nature Carnival,” informed Asish Basak, Editor-Director of ‘Hello Kolkata’ and also the Charter President of ‘Lions Club of Kolkata Magnates’.                                                             

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