October 6, 2022

On occasion of world Environment Day, sanitising places of worship.sanitising programme Organised by IHA Foundation Gurdwara Behala.

Dipak Ghosh – Kolkata.

with the onset of unlock 1.0 Religious places have been Allowed to be open Devotees for Worship.on the occasion ofWorld Environment Day IHA Foundation supported by Gurdwara Behala , Earth day network and United interfaith foundation in India keeping in the mind the ideology

of “Sarbat da Bhalla” —meaning “well being of all ” recongnizing the Compassion whithin our selves , and viewing entire human race as on are have initiated a

sanitization drive of all the Religiaus places of worship in kolkata under the leadership of Satnam Singh Ahluwalia , chairman IHA Foundation and general secretary

Gurdwara Behala.There after they moved on to other religious places of worship like churches, temples, masque, which includes Bauddha , Dharmankur Sabha, ( Budhist temple), St Teresa church, Tipu sultan Masjid, and other religious places of

worship. We have decided that all the religious places of kolkata shall be completely Santized by us on the occasion of world Environment day as religion teaches us to be compassionate and tolerant to wards each other and the

Environment and that is just need in such difficult times to stand by each other Mr Satnam Singh Ahluwalia Chairman IHA Foundation and General Secretary Gurdwara Behala and United interfaith Foundation India.

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