October 6, 2022

Playing With Fire?- opines Laxmi-ji on Govt. policy on farmers 

Staff Reporter –

Laxmi G. Krishnan, eminent Psycho-Analyst and Life Member of Alliance Club International had led a discussion on the current traumatic situation of farmers.  According to Laxmi-ji, if the Government thinks that the agitation will soon die a natural death, it is living in a fool’s paradise. The farmers are not likely to surrender soon for it is a question of their survival. There are a few experts who may justify the Bill but simply put it is anti-farmer.      One main concern of the Farmer is that District Authorities have been given rights akin to the Courts. “No Civil Court shall have jurisdiction to entertain any suit or proceedings in respect of any dispute which a sub-divisional authority or the Appellate Authority is empowered.”‘ — This simply means the farmers cannot appeal. What if the corporate goes back on its word?  How can the average unlettered farmer negotiate with a corporate?   Laxmi-ji feels that it would have been better had the Bill not been rushed through Parliament. The Opposition as well as farmer representatives should have been consulted. But those in authority feel they know everything, opines Laxmi-ji, who is an eminent Blogger.  She also feels it is this high-handed attitude that led to the hasty implementation of GST which has also brought forth disastrous results. Laxmi-ji also warned the Govt. not to forget that most army jawans are from farmer families and any wrong-doing on the part of the Government could lead to sentiments running high.      This sort of an interactive discussion on current topics is a trend-setter by Laxmi G. Krishnan, President of Alliance Club of Sanskaar Dist 101.

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