October 6, 2022


Roja and Ribhu are classmates at university. They are in a relationship. While Roja comes from a well-to-do family, Ribhu is from a lower middle-class background. Roja’s influential and authoritative father, who doesn’t know about her relationship with Ribhu, fixes her up for marriage with Ankush, a boy from a well-established business family. Unable to say anything to her father, Roja directly confesses about her love for Ribhu to Ankush, begging him to cancel the wedding on his own. Ankush cancels the wedding, earning Roja’s

gratefulness. Both Ankush and Roja’s families are clueless about the reason the wedding is cancelled and are quite confused since the boy seemed to like the girl. Roja’s father accidently spots her with Ribhu and orders her to tell him the truth. Roja confesses to her father about her relationship with Ribhu. Roja’s father finally figures out Ankush’s reason for refusing to marry Roja and decides to implore him to consider his daughter again. He tells Roja that he will never let her marry Ribhu and if she decides to go against him, she would have to leave his house. Ribhu takes Roja home to his family and they absolutely adore her. Eventually, Roja decides to leave her family to marry Ribhu. Her father

threatens Ribhu and tries to scare him off but he is determined about marrying Roja. Finally, Roja & Ribhu got married. The newly wedded couple starts to look for jobs and eventually, both Ribhu and Roja land up with jobs at rival news channels. Roja’s job is at a more established news agency than Ribhu’s. She starts to prosper at her workplace soon and starts to make more money than Ribhu. Ribhu’s family tries to engage her in household activities but Roja slowly starts to distance herself from them to focus more on her job. Roja realizes Ribhu isn’t as supportive of her career as he used to be. They get into frequent confrontations about this and Ribhu telis Roja that she needs to prioritize his family too just as she’s focusing on her career. Misunderstandings between them ensue. For

instance, Roja throws her husband a birthday party but Ribhu is stuck at work and doesn’t make it back home in time. On another occasion, both of them are invited for dinner to one of Ribhu’s relatives’ home but Roja forgets about it and misses the invitation. Roja also fails to adjust in Ribhu’s home. Used toa richer lifestyle, she is unable to adapt to the simplicity of her husband’s household. Ribhu’s family, too, fails to adjust with Roja’s way of life. Worried about her daughter, Roja’s mother comes over to her new home, bearing expensive gifts for her. Ribhu is unable to comprehend his mother-in-law’s concern and forcefully returns all her gifts. Roja finally gives up and leaves Ribhu. She goes

back home to her parents. Their friends try to make Roja and Ribhu see sense but they are unable to convince the couple. However, they soon realize they still love one another. Roja’s father tells her to forget her marriage and tries to pressure her to divorce Ribhu. At this juncture, Roja and Ribhu reconnect again. On the day they meet, Ribhu sees them from afar. Ribhu had actually planned to meet Roja and apologize to her to take her home with him. However, on seeing her with Ankush, Ribhu misreads the situation and abruptly leaves. Roja sees Ribhu leaving and misunderstands him too. Roja starts to believe Ribhu doesn’t want her in his life anymore. Misunderstandings between them keep piling up. On Roja’s birthday, Ribhu goes toher house with gifts. The gatekeeper at Roja’s mansion turns him away and he isn’t allowed to go in. As he turns to leave, he catches a glimpse of Roja at the

garden in front of the house, which is adorned with lights for her birthday party. She is standing with Ankush, surrounded by other guests, laughing at something he has just said. Ribhu is heartbroken and turns away, leaving the gifts with the gatekeeper. On their marriage anniversary, a similar incident happens to Roja. She goes to Ribhu’s house with gifts for him. Ribhu isn’t at home. His sister-in-law insists Roja to file for divorce so Ribhu can begin a new life with someone else. Insulted,

Roja leaves without waiting for Ribhu. At this juncture, they both decide to file for divorce. The judge at the divorce court orders them to take one last shot at keeping their marriage alive. Both Roja and Ribhu are secretly happy to get another chance to be with one another but are still reluctant to confess their feelings. Their friends decide to take matters into their own hands and hatch a plan. They invite both Ribhu and Roja to a party ata resort. Ribhu and Roja amneseparately, both not knowin

g about the other’s invitation to the same party. They are surprised to see each other. Their friends start to exchange stories and the couple is forced to reminisce about the life they had spent and dreamed of together. Both of them realize their mistakes and apologize to one another. Roja and Ribhu begin their new life again together. End. Reason for separation Their differences have three main components which appears in phases. First, a class struggle between them and their families. Second, adjustment issues between them because of their different upbringing and viewpoints. Third, a power struggle between them arising out of their respective egos and various misunderstandings arising because of this. Also, please note, there might be more reasons going forward as more layers get added to the story and also story might be changed later depending on ratings and other factors.

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