May 22, 2022

Students took Pledge to Save Environment at The Recycling Champions 2020 in Kolkata  

Staff Reporter – Kolkata

Vital Waste, Kolkata’s first professional recycling and waste management company along with Top Schools, Corporate firms and other dynamic individuals, stood up together for the noble cause for the betterment of the Environment. Vital Waste has taken a unique initiative through first of its kind Inter-School Competition “The Recycling Champions 2020” in Kolkata where around 2000 Students from various schools of Kolkata took pledge for Environment, Sustainability and Recycling. Vital Waste organized an exciting new platform where students and teachers from leading schools like Mahadevi Birla World Academy, Lakshmipat Singhania Academy and Techno India Group Public Schools etc. in Kolkata took part the pledge and shared what they were doing to protect the environment and win prizes too. Mr. Tapas Ghatak, Geophysicist, IIT Kharagpur and Mr. Tushar Himatsinghka, Founder & CEO, Vital Waste were present to brief the

media. The inter-school competition “The Recycling Champions 2020” aspires to become one of the biggest campaigns and initiatives to encourage the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources. The competition aims to encourage recycling as a simple but important, fun and rewarding habit to be undertaken by all people at home and at school – everyday. It also highlights that Recycling is just one of multiple ways to answer to the call to “save our planet” and effectively does so when done in large numbers, providing an opportunity to make schools a part of a World Record. The Recycling Champions 2020 is divided into: Registration of Schools, Distribution of Recycling Kits, World Record Attempt – Pledge Day, Social Media Posts – Engagement with Recycling Kit items followed by Event Finale and Prize Distribution. Mr. Tushar

Himatsinghka, Founder & CEO, Vital Waste, said, “Vital Waste believes that in order to create a more sustainable world for the future, people need to educate students on the importance of recycling. Hence we conduct regular education seminars at schools, recycling competitions and arrange for factory tours as a motivational aspect for students. Recycling contests created excitement through competition and prizes, and were a great way to engage the whole school community. We are diving into waste and recycling solutions for schools and universities, from sustainability focuses to educational recycling programs. By having this competition annually we believe that the vision of the project will gradually be realized as the children grow up with it and take the valuable lesson of recycling into their teenage and adult lives and hopefully influence those who are not recycling to do so- be it at home, at school or at work. Ultimately through this

initiative we can cultivate a generation of socially, economically and environmentally conscious and caring citizens and leaders.” Vital Waste is Kolkata’s leading provider of sustainable waste management and recycling solutions. Vital Waste provides convenient, affordable and genuine recycling solutions to residents of residential communities, corporate offices and schools/colleges in Kolkata. It connects the environmentally aware members of our community to the local manufacturing industry that use recyclable items as raw materials for production.

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