November 28, 2022

TCL Women Cricket Season 1

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First time ever in PAN INDIA, DITVIAAN in association with ICAB(Indoor Cricket Association Of Bengal) brought an opportunity for female players playing professionally , a chance to come forward and showcase their cricket skills and their talent towards the sport. The event is extensively about Women Empowerment, Women Entrepreneurship and Women Leadership. The event had guests from different fields and also the event promises to give chance to the players in Bengal Team Squad if selected.  Following the practice by cricket Australia who recently organized indoor cricket world cup iCAB wants to encourage indoor cricket and

mostly in the women’s section. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Aparup Chakraborty  (president of ICAB, Match Commissioner of AIFF) expressed his love for this kind of cricket and his vision is to develop women’s cricket and want to make a supply source for the Bengal Team Squad.  According to him, “ Indoor Cricket improves the techniques of playing which will help the players in the outdoor cricket as there are some commonality. Indoor Cricket will also provide a supply line for the CAB.” His vision is to continue this type of tournament, and provide an exposure for the players and make a strong team for Bengal.   Mr. Vivek  Agarwal  (Founder and President – DITVIAAN , President – TCL  INDIA Womens Cricket , part of ICAB) said that this kind of event should happen more often so that more women can be a part of it.  “Women in our country have always been underestimated when it comes to certain professional fields, so we are trying our best to provide a platform where they can showcase their talent. We would like to wish good luck to all the participants and thank all of them who have come forward and joined hands with us to support these talented girls,’’ said Himanshu Rohra, Co founder, TCL.  Among other committee members who were present in this event were: 1. Aparup Chakraborty (president of ICAB, former captain,  Match Commissioner of AIFF)  2. Vivek Agarwal (Founder and President – DITVIAAN) 3. Harsh Jain (Co Founder TCL, India Women Cricket and Joint Secretary Ditviaan) 4. Abhishek Pansari (Vice President of TCL India Women Cricket  & Owner Of Turf XL) 5. Himanshu Rohra ( Co – founder TCL India, Executive Member at ICAB,

Secretary at Ditviaan) 6. Sunny Sharma ( Treasurer at Ditviaan ) 7. Arvind Soni (Mahavir Dhanwar Jewelers) 8. Jagannath Lakmani (Lakmani Insurance Services) 9.  Suraj Agarwal (Four Bridges) 10.  Kamilini Paul (Youngest  Entrepreneur Award Winner And Owner De Sovrani ) The venue partner is TURF XL, Buroshibtalla, New Alipore, Kolkata. The main sponsor is Mahabir Danwar jewelers and supported by Lions Club International District 322B2.  Other co sponsors are Four Bridges and Lakhmani Insurance services. Jersey partner Lions Club Kakurgachi and many more. The matches started from 15th-16th Feb 2020 at Turf XL, New Alipore. With many eminent and enthusiastic faces the day was like a festival for sports lovers Winners list Head & Textures vs- Labels- winners is Head & Textures.    Trusted arms Vs Four bridges- winner is Four bridges Nastos vs  Baid /Blasters- winner is Baid Blasters The on cafe Vs M&B Desi Belle- winner is M&B Desi Belle Head & Textures vs Nastos- Winner is   Nastos Trusted arms Vs The on cafe – Winner is  The on cafe Labelz Vs  Baid Blasters- Winner is  Baid Blasters Four Bridges  VS M&B desi belle- winner is M&B Desi Belle

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