September 27, 2022

Use a natural floor cleaner like ITC Nimyle, which is 100% natural

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It is necessary to use a natural floor cleaner like ITC Nimyle because in Indian homes, it is common to walk bare-foot. This is known to keep individuals grounded and connect them to the earth. However, it is equally important to ensure safety and hygiene by keeping the floor clean. Due to the Indian weather, environment and pollution, the floors are the more susceptible to dirt, dust, grime and even germs. In such a case, it is essential that you keep the floors clean. This can be achieved by using a good quality natural floor cleaner like Nimyle, 2 times a day. However, with many options available in the market, it is important that you choose a floor cleaner that suits your needs.
You can select a floor cleaner that is ideal for you by evaluating the product by these characteristics. Efficient cleaning action- Ensure that the product is cleaning your floor thoroughly and does not leave any dirt or dust behind. The floor cleaner should ensure that the floor looks clean after sweeping it with a mop. Natural ingredients- It is vital that you use a floor cleaner with natural substances to clean the floor. Most floor cleaners in the country are made of chemicals that are known to be harmful to our health. It is necessary to use a natural floor cleaner like Nimyle, which is 100% natural. Fragrance- Floor cleaners that are made of chemicals may have a strange smell or they have an overpowering fragrance. It is important to use a floor cleaner that has a nice fragrance which leaves the household smelling fresh. Anti-bacterial properties- Use floor cleaners that have ingredients such as Neem and Camphor as it is known to be anti-bacterial and a disinfectant. This ensures that your floors are germ free and free of bacteria. Insecticide- It is advisable to use floor cleaners that also have insecticide properties. They ensure that your home remains free from ants as well as disease causing insects such as malaria and Chikungunya Child and Pet friendly- Most floor cleaners in the country are known to contain BenzalKonium Chloride (BKC), a chemical compound that is found to be harmful for children and pets. Research proves that BKC causes eye problems as well as skin irritation in young children. The chemicals also known to cause skin problems in pets.

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