June 29, 2022

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Kolkata, June 2019: Whirlpool of India, a subsidiary of world’s leading home appliance company Whirlpool Corporation, today launched its first-ever smart air conditioner in India that enables users to control the appliance remotely and while they attend to their busy work schedule. So whether coming back from a trip or in the kitchen cooking, you can easily make the AC function by giving voice commands to interact with the appliance.With the launch of the new Voice and Wi-Fi enabled AC, Whirlpool is helping users connect to the future of cooling technology. It is bringing them closer to a smarter way of life and expanding boundaries to help families adapt and grow with Voice enabled technology. The All-New Whirlpool 3D Cool Pro Inverter AC is a Voice and Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing users to manage the appliance using voice commands. By teaming up with Google, Whirlpool is helping families connect with their appliances better and get work done according to their convenience. Upon pairing with Google Home, users will be able to turn their AC on and off and change the temperature, hands-free, by simply giving commands like “OK Google, turn on the AC”. Furthermore, the ACs can also be controlled through the Whirlpool App for smartphones over a Wi-Fi connection. The premium range of ACs also doubles up as an air purifier, which is ideal for cities with unhealthy air quality index (AQI). The ACs have an in-built air purifier and with 3D Purafresh Technology it not only cools but also purifies the air from dust particles and removes up to 98.6% PM 0.3 Pollutants. It effectively removes 99% lingering odours and smell. The AC can act as a stand-alone air purifier with Zero maintenance as this electronic filters only needs regular cleaning instead of replacement like conventional filters. Mr KG Singh, Vice President (Marketing), Whirlpool of India, said “We are proud to expand our 3D Cool range of Air Conditioners in collaborating with Google to launch Voice enabled air conditioners. Each year the smart home eco-system becomes more intuitive and personalized to our everyday routines and habits. Voice commands, as a component of the smart home ecosystem, should be no different. This is Voice-Enabled AC is simpler, smoother, and most importantly – smarter for customers to enjoy the convenience of a connected home.’’ The ACs come with additional features like the 4-way swing that enables uniform cooling even when the ambient temperature is as high as 55 degree Celsius. There are 3 unique air vents for up to 40% faster removal of hot air from the room, ensuring maximum cooling with an air throw range of up to 12 meters. The new range has 6th Sense IntelliComfort Technology that bears advance humidity sensor that ensures comfortable cooling. It helps in the high humidity levels in coastal regions of India by reducing humidity and giving optimum cooling results. Apart from optimum cooling, it also saves 47% energy when operated in Intellicomfort mode.Whirlpool Inverter ACs use R-32 refrigerant. Its superb energy efficiency means that air-conditioners emit fewer greenhouse gases and require less refrigerant volume to operate. It has zero impact on the ozone layer, thereby preventing any loss to the environment. It consumes less energy, which helps save on electricity consumption as well. These ACs come with 1 Year complete and 10 Year Compressor Warranty.

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